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Making and Helping new friends!

Hiya, kupo! I hope each of you is doing well! If you are interested in becoming friends, running farming parties, clearing content together, or any combination of these or other things, I have created a Facebook and Twitter account for my character and welcome anyone to like, follow, or communicate through those means as necessary. I get notifications and can more easily communicate than on here.

Additionally, Let it be known that I have no financial stake in the account, the number of followers, or any other affiliation that could be made. I also do not currently stream or play for pay, nor do I have any intention of streaming or playing for pay. It is simply a way for me to communicate with others prior to events occurring so that we can plan things out and help each other. I have even made a few cross-server friends and stay in touch with them this way.

If you are interested, or you feel a new player or friend you have could benefit, please visit my page and stay in touch. I have given away items, minions, Gil, heal/dps/tanked dungeons, explained mechs, aided in leveling, and many other things and enjoy it greatly, as does our FC (not trying to steal you away!).

Either way, I wish you all the best, and I hope to hear from someone!

Facebook (twitter): EdenicSeraphim (@EdenicSeraphim)

Also on discord if interested!
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