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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Stuff, 12/6 - 12/7

Monday Night/Tuesday

Last night I started watching a movie called Kung Fu Hustle, a 2000s martial arts comedy. I watched about half of this a few years ago, and it appeared in my YouTube recommendations as free-to-watch. So I figured "Why not?" Pretty good movie, although it's a bit cringy. A bit heavy on the wirework & CGI as well. There was also a video essay about it that I was planning on checking out
after the movie too. That is, until.............

I had JUST remembered that Kevin Conroy died about a month ago. Although I only saw a scant few episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (mostly Batman Beyond), I've watched the whole Batman: Arkham Trilogy video game movie series some-odd years ago. So, in memory of ol' Kev, I fired up and started watching the Arkham Asylum playthrough this morning. :)>

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A really good & long (about 4 hours!) Pinball session today! I beat an FX3 tournament - Pinball FX3 actually worked today. Yaaaaay! - and placed high in all the others I entered. And (DX11, for once!) Pinball Arcade went well as well for most of it. I started sucking ass later on, but luckily I was already on the tail end of the session anyway, so no big deal there. A session that Keitaro87 was definitely proud of. :)>

And later on this evening I managed to record & upload a Gems of War weekly PvP run. Otherwise, it was back to watching more of the Batman: Arkham Asylum run thaty I started watching this morning.


Just a few of many....

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BAAAD Pinball session today! Pinball FX3 went well enough, winning one tournament and doing well in all the others I entered. And pinball Arcade went all right at first. Then all of a sudden I was playing HORRIBLY!! It's like all my Pinball skills just up and left me, missing easy shots, bobbling the ball, and constantly double-flipper bitching myself (see GIF above). And I think Keitaro87 bailed right around this time as well. Can't say I blame him......

Yeah.... It was so bad, I immediately switched over to Zaccaria Pinball, Pinball's Pits of Tartarus, where one goes to be punished for bad behavior, to be tormented for all eternity by horribly designed tables ie. Pachinko machines with flippers, as I like to call them. I ACTUALLY DID BETTER ON ZACCARIA THAN I DID ON PINBALL ARCADE! I actually moved up in the rankings on a lot of the tables I did. I kicked some pretty good ass, something that very seldom happens on Zaccaria. So, definitely 3-4 hours I won't get back. *sigh*

Oh, and before I forget, a new visitor named Imoratachi dropped by while I was in Zaccaria. If I understood right he's from Germany (and I think fpsisu is from Germany as well), and seems to play Zaccaria a lot. Don't see that very often! He's a pretty cool guy otherwise - we talked it up quite a bit - so I'm hoping to see him more often. :)>

Alrighty. Nap time. Then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, peeps. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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