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Joe's Thriday St00f, 10/6 - 10/7


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Pretty dead stream today, with none of my regulars coming on. Pretty much a rinse and repeat of yesterday (see my previous blog post), just making the rounds on the idle games I've been playing recently. I also played a bit of music before switching on over to an Idle Champs/Dungeons & Dragons podcast and a Henry Rollins podcast before I ended up having to call it quits since I was beginning to nod off ("only" got about 5 hours of sleep today).


No stream today. Alarm went off and my body refused to get up. Figured it'd be better to just sleep in. Plus, if yesterday was anything to go by it would've just been another dead stream anyway, sooooo.....

Off-stream then, I just did my usual medley of idle games, possibly doing a quickie Pinball Arcade session before work.

Well, that's a day folks. <Take care>, and see you all on the flipside. ;)>

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