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Joe's Wore Out Weekend, 3/27 - 3/29


Makes sense.....

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A pretty good time in Guild Wars 2 today. Like I've been doing recently, I've been playing my old mortar/FFT chemist build while fighting world bosses, of which I think I did all but one of them, as I was starting to nod off about a half an hour before it was going to spawn. I also did all the open-world & crafting dailies as well.

Oh! And I thought I'd go ahead and do something I haven't done in a long time: Actually show what this guy does, for those that have never played Guild Wars 2 before.

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Oh, and I DO need to explain how combos work in this game, because the mortar has a lot of these. Combos in gw2 consist of two parts, the "field" and the "finisher". Fields are usually an AoE attack that stays down for some-odd seconds, during which time any attack that is considered a finisher will create a combo effect of some kind when it passes through (note that I said "passes through", as opposed to "landing in") the field, depending on the field/finisher used.

And most mortar attacks use the "projectile" finisher, which creates a combo effect on the first ally/enemy the projectile passes through. And the "blast" finisher - only one of my abilities has this, I think - is an AoE finisher.

And also, I need to explain the elements in general as well. I'll try to put them in FF XIV terms when I can:

water: Healing
light: Esuna
ice: Slow
poison: Bio or Damage Down
fire: Fire (obvious!) or Damage Up
smoke: Stealth or Blind (your next attack misses)
dark: Lifesteal, Blind, or Warrior's Vengeance ability
ethereal: Confusion (you take damage every time you use an ability)
lightning: Vulnerability or Swiftness (movement speed +33%)

And also also: "Manually aimed" works just like ground targeting in FF XIV, but (to me) better. Why? Because unlike FF XIV you can set it up to where you can HOLD DOWN the attack key, then release the key once you have the AoE where you want it. In FF XIV it's basically a toggle. Hit your ability key to enter ground targeting mode, then left-click to lay the AoE down, which to me isn't as efficient. But anyway, here goes.....

The Elite Mortar Kit (lower-left hotbar). All of these abilities must be manually aimed.

1 - Mortar shot. Bread-and-butter mortar attack. Finisher: Projectile
2 - Poison Gas Shell. AoE damage over time. Field: poison
3 - Endothermic Shell. AoE slow. Field: Ice
4 - Flash Shell. AoE blind. Field: Light
5 - Elixir Shell. AoE regen. Field: Water

Tool Belt (the hotbar above the mortar hotbar). All of these abilities are AoE and must be manually aimed.

F1 - Elixir H. Gives Regen and Protect (incoming damage reduced by 33%)
F2 - Elixir B. Gives Arm's Length and one random buff
F3 - Elixir U. Removes stun/paralyze/pacification/charm and gives Superspeed (movement speed +66%)
F4 - Elixir R. Mass Resurrection
F5 - Orbital Strike. AoE damage. The only "blast" combo finisher I got.

Utility Skills (hotbar at the lower-right corner). All are self-only. Side note: Your tool belt skills depend on what utility skill you have equipped (note the ability names).

ALT+Q - Elixir H. Self-heal and gives Regen, Protect, and Swiftness
ALT+2 - Elixir B. Grants Crit Rate Up, Damage Up, Retaliation, and Swiftness
ALT+3 - Elixir U. Removes stun/paralyze/pacification/charm and gives Arm's Length and 50% Haste
ALT+W - Elixir R. Removes Heavy/Bind
ALT+E - Elite Mortar Kit

And I also made a short (15 minutes) build demo as well, to give you an idea of what it looks like in practice.

The LP records I played this evening were:

Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Paul Simon - Graceland
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Parliament - The Mothership Connection
Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon (side one)


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Kind of a crummy Guild Wars 2 session today. Felt like crap for some reason and was nodding off despite me getting some good sleep. But for the session itself it was the usual world bosses, as well as the crafting & open-world dailies. But this time I joined a HUGE 25-man group that was doing the same thing. Nice! But about 90 minutes into my stream it decided to go kaput and I had to restart it, to say nothing of all the lag I had to deal with. Even dead quiet areas were laggy. Basically, I should've just stayed in bed today. -_-

And here's the 33rpm LPs I played this evening:

Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon
Frank Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle


This morning I played some more Guild Wars 2, sorta kinda making up for the short stream I had last night. Played off-stream as well, that way I can set my graphics to 60 fps, and make other visual improvements (gw2 has piss-poor graphics optimazation. I can play FF XIV at 60 fps and use higher visual settings, and still not near be the resource hog that gw2 is). But it was mostly working on gear upgrading, which didn't really pan out. And I also did a few 5-man dungeons as well, something I haven't done in a long time. But overall it was just an okay session. -_-

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Good Guild Wars 2 session today. Did my usual, killing world bosses and doing some crafting & open-world dailies. I eventually switched back to my flamethrower scrapper build for a brief time after getting tired of being constantly stunned (flamethrower has a passive that makes you almost immune to stuns/knockdowns/etc, kinda the way Arm's Length works. And the scrapper has MORE ways to protect yourself from these effects!). But then I switched back to my mortar/chemist build (see above), as I find the flamethrower scrapper build almost BORING now. It's like choosing between 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. :/>

And I noticed that I haven't played Footsies in a long time. Oh well. I was getting pretty burnt from playing it so much. It is what it is, I guess. :/>

And the vinyls I played today were:

GWAR - Scumdogs of the Universe
Andreas Vollenweider - Behind the Gardens, Behind the Wall, Under the Tree
Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark
Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness

Alright, that's gonna do it for me. <Thank you.> for watching/reading, peeps. And have yourselves a good day/night.;)>

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