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Joe's GD/Pinball/FF XIV Streams, 3/18/2020


Now you see 'em, now you don't!

Much ado about Grim Dawn today. I did my usual Crucible runs on my reeper dude. Then I divided my time between doing bounty runs and working on the storyline. And eventually I defeated the Act 4 boss, the final boss for the Vanilla version of this game. After that, I switched over to the "elite" difficulty (basically a new game+, with higher monster stats and lower player resistances) for a while, and found it doable. So this is where I'll probably continue at, when I play this game next.

The LP 33s I played today were:

Roky Erickson - The Evil One
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Motorhead - Overkill
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Self-Titled Second Album


Just a few of many.

This morning's Pinball FX3 session started out great, but got crappier as the session went on. Luckily I was only on that for about an hour and a half, and then broke off to play.....

Pinball Arcade. This session was actually the flipside, starting out horrible but getting better as the session went on. A very yin/yanggy session it seems.

And for my FF XIV session I worked on my red mage, running my usual hunts and Pixie beast tribe quests. And I ran a leveling roulette and got The Vault, with a good tank/healer combo that pulled big but aside from an off-heal from me from time to time it was a good run, the kind I don't get often enough.

And APTLTUDE, one of my newest regulars, asked me how long I'd have been streaming, and it led to this:

After I was done with all that, I went ahead and streamed some Grim Dawn, running The Crucible (a mini-game where you have to defeat waves of enemies) and working on the Act 1 questline on "elite" difficulty on my reaper dude. Came close to dying a few times, but otherwise the difficulty is doable for the most part.

The vinyl records I played today were:

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Bill Cosby - Wonderfulness
Tom Waits - Small Change

All right, nappy-nappy time. Gotta work tonight. <Take care.>, everybody. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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