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Joe's Game Design/FF XIV Stream, 11/5/2019

Was going to stream Darkest Dungeon today, but I decided to stream FF XIV instead, as I really needed to get all my mats crafted, possibly making all the level 80 gear for my retainers as well. And I needed to do this today, since it's my night off, and I won't really have the time to do this during the work week. And eventually I did do just that. All my retainers are now in level 80 gathering gear (chest, legs, gloves, weapon and off-hand)!

But, come to find out later that it was complete overkill. I only needed to maybe upgrade one piece of gear, as by the time I was through all my retainers had a 1780 gathering rating. And I only needed 1459.... -_-

Changed my chocobo's name from "Choc" to "Yoshi", since recently whenever I have to leave him in the middle of an AoE attack - especially a Bad Breath or Worse Breath attack - I always say, "Sorry, Yoshi. :(>"

And Lmartyr came by and talked about him playing a game called Dark Souls, considered one of the hardest games of all time. So that game I might try out in the future. He also had me watch a video called Happy Souls. Kinda went over my head, but then again I've never played this game before, so there's that as well.

I also worked on what is called a "One-sheet", used by game designers as a rough outline of their game. A good way to keep busy while crafting.

I forgot to turn off the spell-checker for these. Sorry for the red underlines.

The vinyls I played this evening were:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Herbie Hancock - Sextant
Funkadelic - One Nation, Under a Groove
Bill Cosby - 200 M.P.H.
Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker
The Golden Age of Dixieland Jazz, 1887-1937

Alrighty then. Time to call it a night. Hopefull I'll be able to stream some Pinball Arcade tomorrow, but we'll see. Until then though, <Take care.> guys. And see y'all around. ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
Joe's Workout Videos
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My Youtube Channel.
Spinning LP records and then crafting like crazy, trying to gear up my retainers. Might do other things if/when bored/burnt.
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