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E9-12S Detailed Timelines with Images

E9-12S Detailed Timelines with Images

I've finished polishing my spreadsheet and images made during progress.

It has sheets from E9S to E12S part II, English and Japanese, with detailed descriptions(you can access all by tabs on bottom.) There are casts, hits and ovservable motions in timelines. You can write your static strat, images, or indivisual cooldowns on it.

 You can access Here!

Moreover, I packed and upladed all of hte images I made. You can access via links on the "Ref. & Pics" sheet.

Image Examples:

If you want to check the images only, you can access below. You can download all from [...] button on the pages, right bottom of the Page(Album) title.
Click to showClick to hide
E09S (20 images)
E10S (26 images)
E11S (17 images)
E12S Part I (28 images)
E12S Part II (35 images)

I'll be glad if you use them for your progression!

Lastly, I'd like to thank all early-raiders, who solved meachs and estabished strategy. They also shared their insights and strategies via videos, guides, and slides. I really appreciate. All original authors of my references are listed on the "Ref. & Pics" sheet. Any mistake of the timelines, descriptions, and images, are from the author, Momorino. Thank you for your understanding.
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Precia Silentdeath

Tonberry (Elemental)

Momoさま carried us with his amazing strats! 11/10 will worship again.
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