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Skysteel Tool 5.35 Fish locations and Details

Skysteel Tool fishing Rod fish locations and details.

Bait for both is Signature Skyball, which you can purchase in Ishgard at the Skysteel Manufactory where you turn in fish for the items.

Petal Shell (need 60 HQ)
Plum Spring, Yanxia
! Bite, 10-25s bite window

Petal Shell is the only ! bite in Plum Spring, so it's easy to isolate from the rest of the pool. Seeing as you'll need 60, you should use Patience II and pop a Hi-cordial whenever on cool down to keep your GP up for chaining Patience II. Any ! bite, use precision hookset to catch.

Allagan Hunter (need 70 HQ)
Alpha Quadrant, Azys Lla
!! bite, 10-17s bite window

A cast timer macro is helpful here so you can better pick out Bullwhips (5-10s) and the Allagan Hunters (10-17s). The timer really makes it easy to isolate when it's an Allagan Hunter bite. Again, use Patience II with hi-cordials to ensure HQ hooks. Use the Powerful Hookset.

If possible, with GP and cordial usage, you can use Identical Cast to grab an easy extra of either fish. However, if you don't have the GP, don't wait and just continue casting. ABC - Always Be Casting!

Hope this helps some budding fishers!

Now in video form!
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