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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 21

Act 21. Rock Solid Advanture, Part 2

After joining that Syncademy raid and Fonsius group, I found that E4s was actually quite straightforward. I was not sure why I felt it that way. It was supposed to be the last savage fight of that raid tier, but I found it less confusing than any other fight I encountered. It could have been because of the echo, or the fact that there are perpendicular lines on the floor that gave me a good sense of distance.

Still, the fight can be tricky for casters if you have to move for mechanics mid-cast. In theory, if you don't care about dropping your cast, stop casting, or just running around with Ruin 2, it should not be a problem. A friend of mine who always played BLM taught me about slide casting. Maybe I just didn't have enough practice. Maybe I was too nervous everytime when I saw mechanics happening. Maybe the fear of "if I greed, I will die" was just too strong. Overall, I am just not a very good caster in terms of keeping my up time. This problem occurs not only when I play magical range. I think I did worse as a healer that sometimes I just wait for the boss to cast.

Maybe it is a problem of basic habit, but I really not sure how to fix it.

Well, I guess more training is in order. So I joined the next PF party I found on E4s. I was hoping that maybe somewhere I can get some insight that help me to improve.

I didn't expect what happened next. A few pull later, we killed the boss.

E4s down, totally unexpectedly.

I didn't join that PF thinking that I will clear the fight that way. I mean, this is the last raid of the raid tier, and I expect it would take a bit longer. I did this fight the first time with Syncademy on Wednesday, then Fonsius group on Thursday, and cleared this on Saturday. How? In PF party, we were doing it sync with echo. It made the fight very easy. Well, you will still die if you mess up any of the colour debuff or stand in aoe. If you place the rock in the wrong place, you can still wipe the raid. What change is there is no dps check. Even if you have dps died, you can still easily free the healer out of the gaol. If you have good run and no one made mistake and die, you won't even see the third phase. Of course, there was always mistake in a PF party and I got to work on the merry-go-round at the last phase. Still, it was still relative straight forward.

I got the mount in one of the runs. That mount was like a soap dish. It was so ugly.

Last time with Syncademy, we made it to the last phase within two lockout. I supposed we would have made more progress last time if I was not new to the fight.

As a result, I signed up for the Sunday raid on E4s. I suppose we picked up from where we left off, I got to see more of the last phase, and call it a day with this fight.

My group was leaded by Yarr Harr once more. He skipped his tedious explaination at the beginning, since in theory no one is new. However, we repeatedly wiped very early on in the fight. Yarr Harr decided that we should stick to some position when we spread out for the yellow debuff. However, what I found is it made moving to the right spot for the next mechanics more difficult. Well, there are some flexibility on how one can handle the Evil Earth mechanics. However, the safe way will sometimes prevent me from stacking with the group immediately.

It was a sure fire way to get myself killed in the upcoming raidwide. There was just no heal. I really wonder what is their timing on heals, because it should have reached me unless they only use Cure 3.

We took a short break, so I took the chance to change job and went in as a RDM. In order to stay alive I just vercure myself. It have some added benefit that I also picked up some dead bodies, like 4 or 5 every pull.

It was beyond your regular trap party. In less than 90 minutes raid time as RDM I casted verraise 56 times in total. I also casted as many vercure as Jolt 2 in that period of time. On average it was like 1 Vercure in less than a minute and Verraise in less than 2 min.

To make this more scary, it was not the first week of their raid. When I joined their last raid, I had already missed some progression because Turael assigned me to A5s.

Oh, remember Yarr Harr had this monotonic voice? As time goes by, you can hear emotion in his voice. Except this emotion was anything but positive. He sounded really drained. He asked us, did anybody have question about any of the mechanics. It was greet with deadly silence. Then, as soon as we pull, people dropped dead promptly. Personally, I was quite ready to pull my internet cable and fake a disconnect. At this point, I started to feel sorry for Yarr Harr. I suppose he didn't have an option to rage quit as a raid leader. What can really be worse? I start wondering if Turael will bury us into a pile cement and sink us down the Rhine if we indeed rage quit?

The whole exercise was so senseless, towards the end I started having hallucination.

Well, we must have been to the Guantanamo Bay campus in Syncademy. Here we have two sadistic healers. One will drop dead within 30 second after the pull. The other one may or may not heal you. Well, in case you actually need a heal, I guess the answer will be a NO. Feel free to beg for mercy, but no one will care. There is no drama, as the last pull will guarantee to be as f***ed up as the first, and so is every single pull.

As the raid time reaching towards the end, I can feel the last drop of humanity departed from my body.

Table of content of this series is here
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