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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 16

Act 16 Second Attempt (A-side)

Apart from group Nael, the other study group that I was associated with was group Edda. In group Edda, we were slowly proging PotD at a rate of 1-2 hours per week. Because you cannot replace any members or change job once you started. It was the main reason why I didn't just walk away from Syncademy and the game from start.

On our first adventure last year we wiped at floor 181. It wouldn't have been a wipe if I didn't not confuse silence with stun. After that, Aoi joined our group so I didn't have to tank. Then patch 5.4 dropped, I resub. Originally we were planning to do some HoH. However, it was very chaotic in that month. We have people missing initially, then I was confused with the date once I started trying out the Eden Savage on PF. It got postponed and postponed until my sub was almost over.

At the beginning of 2021, I was in a bad state and thought of finding someone to replace me. I wasn't in the right state of mind to process information meaningfully and make the right decision. So I did nothing. At first I was spared because Aruzelt had to study for an exam. Then, there was a week that Elthanrian had to do a live stream with her friend and had to be away. I hadn't said a word, so no one knew. I remember logging in the game feeling that everything started to spin or to drift. Most of the time I felt so sick that I just wanted to throw up. I was lucky because we were in the early floors in PotD.

Of course, I gradually got better. It timed quite well as we were hitting the higher floor. It was February by the time when we got to floor 171.

At first when we started PotD with Aoi, we noticed that he had the talent of stepping into traps. I doubt he did it intentionally, but every floor he will step into something, let it be frog, luring, or land mines. I didn't have much to say about it at first because I was close to passing out everytime when I login. I thought this will be another lost cause. Somehow when we got to floor 171, he became very careful with his movement and what mob he pulled. In fact, he was more reliable than what we were expecting.

At one floor in the 170s, just when we landed on that floor, we saw two patrols were flying from the same direction. We decided that we will move aside and see if one of them will turn, so we didn't have to fight two at a time. However, as I started to move to the other end of the room, I notice that we were not in a room linked to one hallway, but two. Coincidentally, there was another patrol coming from that side and already entered the starting room. It spotted me before I can get to the side, and so did one of the patrol mob we saw at the beginning.

I guess we have to fight. I pull out the item manual and hit witching pom. Unfortunately I got killed before I can trigger that pom. The mob pack then went after Eltharian and Aruzelt. They were both dead and Aoi was the one one left. It looked like we were heading to a wipe.

"Aoi, can you use witching and then rage?" I said on discord.

"But which one is witching?" Aoi asked.

"Ok. On the second row, the third one counting from the right."

It took a second before Aoi use the pom. I swear, that second felt like an hour.

"Rage is on the second row, the last one counting from the right."

Then, Aoi transformed, killed all the patrol mob and came back to rez Aruzelt with Pheonix tail.

It was a close call.

The boss at floor 180 was not a concern when you have a full team. We were very careful starting from floor 181. We were luck that we can almost always pull one at a time, so it wasn't difficult. We fought the Worm, Flood Dragon, Gram, and one of the treasure room.

Then we hit floor 188. The starting room is a T junction. As the floor finished loading, I saw two Grams coming from one side. Then on the other hallway, there was another slightly further away, but it was definitely coming towards our direction.

"Well, I guess we should use rage here." I said to the team, and start popping safety, forture.

"We can't. This is a no knockback floor." Aruzelt told us before I clicked on the rage pom.

I checked, in fact it was a no knockback floor. Before I can really react to it, the first Gram already entered the starting room.

"Let's all move to the room in the north." Aoi told us.

As we all began to move, someone caught aggro. Garm caught up with us and started casting Dragon Voice.

"Ok, it is dragon voice. Everybody let's move out." Aruzelt said to us in the change.

Because the castbar of Garm said "Dragon Voice", I was stacking on the mob preparing for the donut aoe. Before I could say anything, the cast went off and all three of them were dead. I used shiftcast to rez Aruzelt, but ended up in picking up the aggoro of two Garm. I tried to use the witching pom, but I was killed before I managed.

Aruzelt healed himself and went back to the starting room.

"Can you use witching? It is the second row, third one counting from the right." I asked.

Witching was used, the two Garm turns into tiny creatures. Aruzelt rez Aoi and started dpsing the mob. But a healer won't have enough dps to kill both mob before the witching effect was off.

"Don't dps the mob. It won't work." I said. "Use serenity and then rage."

"Serenity is on the second row, the second one to the right." I continued.

Aruzelt managed to pop serenity, but he got killed before he got to use rage. At the same time the witching effect wore off, the two Garms went after Aoi who just got up on the floor with very little HP. It ended our run at floor 188.

Aruzelt was totally dejected afterwards. Two people followed his callout on the Dragon Voice and died. It took a while for us to talk him out of it.

Obviously, my mind was focusing on other things.

The patrols from T-junction is not unique. In fact, when I first cleared PotD, we had a cross junctions in one of the floor where patrol can come from all directions. Garm was also the patrol there, and Honey Drake used rage immediately. It was why my default solution on this situation was to use rage. In our case, I didn't foresee there was a no knockback floor. Eventually I did came to the conclusion that I should have use serenity and then rage.

Is there a better alternative?

We could have waited for the patrol to arrive at the starting room and use witching. However, witching has a fixed range about half of the room radius. If we let the mob got too close, we can risk a wipe. If we use witching too early, a mob might got left out.

Hiding and hope maybe not all the patrol sees us is the worst solution for me. Very often the wall changes your camera angle and you hardly see how the mobs react. I remember getting killed this way without getting a chance to react.

Unfortunately, an idea can only be good if you act of it before you get killed. In PotD, you really only have a second to decide. I am probably just too slow.

Thinking back, I was still wondering how I got killed back last time in floor 171-180. The patrol that flies in floor 171-180 should be the bird of the deep palace. I can't recall they have any one-shot mechanics. Sadly, it was only after we wiped, I noticed that I never had log running. Therefore, it was impossible to go back and see what went wrong.

I supposed, I wasn't entirely recovered. I thought I had already back to my normal self, but I guess when emergency arrived, I wasn't ready for it.

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