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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 14

Act 14 Twilight Zone

Back in early December, I cleared A8s with group Verdict . Sadly, Aoi was absent on that day and in theory we were supposed reassemble the team to get his clear. It was the first week of 2021 when Amber asked us on our availability. Less than 5 people responded.

Initially I thought about not to respond at all. At that time, I really wasn't in a mental state to really participate anything. I would probably be a liability if I join. But then I felt wrong to just bail after I got my clear. Remember the type of guy in a farm PF who leave immediately after he got the mount? Well, I don't want to be that guy. So, while I signed up, secretly I wished that it won't go ahead.

In the first week of January, hardly anyone was responding, so Amber called off the raid. The next week, we were like 6 out of 8 available. I was expecting Amber to look for people to sub, but then he didn't and cancelled the raid. Eventually Cure told Aoi that there was another group who was proging A8s. Both of them joined that group and Amber closed down group Verdict, saying that we accomplished our goal.

Effectively we deserted Aoi, but then I wasn't in a position that I can do much about it. On the bright side, I suppose at least I can blame someone else for making that decision.

Eventually I had to login to the game because I have to continue in PotD with group Edda. The whole time I felt the screen was drifting and spinning. I was luckily that we were in those very easy floor in PoTD. After that I just wanted to throw up badly.

Laetitia managed to spot something was off about me. He asked about it, but I didn't know how to answer that. I wasn't intended to lie, but I wasn't too sure what my own situation was. It would be easier if I just told him to find someone to replace me in group Nael. Then, maybe I will recover. Maybe it is just a phase. I had bad days but I had ok days. Maybe I will be normal again if I hang on a bit longer. Who knows? I may not be able to find another group to do Second Coil Savage again.

But in the end, I told him that I should be fine.

It was not easy to walk away from the game when I was tied up a few of the study groups from Syncademy. Especially with PoTD, there is no way they can replace me without starting over from floor 51. If I manage to stay for PoTD, I may as well stay in group Nael.

I was very lucky that we constantly had people absent in group Nael, so I didn't have to come clean to anyone. Jade disappeared without a word. Elvis had work schedule issue, and honestly, I had never seen him in a single raid in this group so far. Aoi had internet problem here and there. I didn't have to make any excuse at all because raid was cancelled week after week. I thought there would be a good chance we disbanded at some point.

About a month passed, Laetitta recruited Aruzelt and Spi into the team. Still we had only 7 out of 8 people. Then one week, Cure decided to sub for us. This time, there was no escape for me.

It was February by the time when we finally got a full team to resume raiding.

The last raid with this group was November. After two months of not having a team, I wonder how much of the raid mechancis any of us remember. Personally I wasn't entire stable yet. I did try to sign up for Syncademy event before that to test my endurance, but it was miserable. I was not sure I would be able to focus for three hours. I was contemplating to pull my internet cable and fake a disconnect when I can't hold on anymore.

It was a surprise that most of us dodge the devour most of the time. Back in November, we often had half a team got eaten. We quickly got back to the point where we left off last time. Now the main issue was with the slug and honey.

In the past I will bring down one of the slug to 50% myself. However, Spi said that the slugs' HP went down too fast, so we decided that it should be only the OT attacked the slug, and the rest of us will be on it after it consumed a honey. I kept getting myself killed by the honey because my aoe skill hit them along side with the slug. Apparently they reflect it back to you with a vuln stack.

The other part that I struggle with is after sharing the swarm mechanics, you will be a stung debuff. It will give an increasing damage if you share another swarm. By the third stack it will kill you. I didn't know and kept dying to it.

It was still very chaotic. I was running around breaking chains and was increasingly random with my rotation. I thought I just push whatever button that came off CD.

It took us about two hours. I can't remember how we got there, but we killed the boss.

T6 Savage down, Synced no echo.

I should be happy for the clear. I have always wanted to do the Second Coil Savage and we finally got some result to show. However, it actually felt a bit numb. I wonder why did I want to do this content. Or why do I want to be raiding in the first place?

Table of content of this series is here
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Reading that I was wondering WTF is he TALKING about? Then you said T6 and I understood. ;p Been a LONG time since I did that plant.

And I completely understand your burnout. progging is TIRING! Seriously!

These people who want you to commit 3 days a week for FOUR hours each? Good Lord!

Honey, with my 3 hour MINE one, after the 2nd hour I am drained ,and the last half hour is just hell for me. NO way in Hell would I EVER do a 4 hour prog.

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix [Light]

No, we raid once a week for 2 hours. This is why our prog is so slow. It probably is not the right way to do second coil savage. It is the same as my PotD group, we did 2 hours per week, so it took the entire month to get to the higher floor.

I guess, if you join absolutely EVERYTHING in syncademy, you will ended up in four days a week and 3 hours a day. But you don't have to sign up for everything. And being a free trial player, there were not much I can actually sign up.
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