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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 10


Act 10: Midnight Groove

While Amber's A8s group, group verdict, was in action, Laetitia's second coil savage group started more or less the same week. I didn't sub for FFXIV precisely because I didn't want to be playing all the time. I guess with all the limitation of a free trial still can't stop me from getting addicted. Maybe next time I really need to uninstall.

Laetitia had been trying to start a group doing T13 MIL no echo. We had waited for weeks but there was not enough people sign up, then he changed the group to second coil savage. But then it was not the end it. It just happened, many of us were also in Amber's A8s group, the PoTD group. Laetitia also leads regular events in Syncademy. So basically the week is very packed.

We were asked to vote for the raid day and time we preferred. It was a difficult choice. Eventually we discussed about letting go of the Sunday event in Syncademy. It wasn't matter to me much. Sunday was the Omega savage raid. I can't join anyway because I can only get to lv60 max on the free trial. Anyway, there were no objection, so we set our raid time to Sunday 1800ST.

Well, we thought it would be the case, until Jade figured out that he had not read the whole conversation and told us that he didn't want to skip the Sunday Syncademy raid the day right before raid was supposed to start.

It was nuts, because basically there was no time slot that worked for everybody.

Eventually, we ended up starting the raid on 2100ST-2300ST on Sunday. Technically everyone was "free" at that time. But basically it was a late night raid, with most living in Central Europe end the raid at mid-night if not pass it. I suppose the only reason I went along with it was, because of Covid, I didn't have to get up early to catch the train.

T6s was very similar to T6, except everything happen much faster. We knew how the mechanics worked, but were too slow to react. Blighted Bouquet snaps much faster. If you don't hit esc key immediately you see it on castbar, there is a good chance you will die. Floral Trap and Thron Whip happen at the same time, so you need to run to break the tether, while to avoid the person why yellow mark, or else you will get devoured too. We spent two hours just to repeatedly wipe on the first two minutes of the fight.

We basically need some coordination on how to handle the nested mechanics. It was crazy when people are just improvising to break tether and multiple people get devoured.

After the raid, I just pulled out the log and check what was the timeline of the mechancis, worked out the sequence and the amount of damage we were getting. I found a video on a T6s clear. It was interesting, that BRD in that video was in the FC Freya invited me to back in Cerberus. I think he joined Anger and was on the world first team later on. I worked out a list of what ability happens at what time and how much damage it did, shared it on the discord. We drew some diagrams on how we may want to do deal with devour. A week later, we continued this late night raid again.

Amber ended up in subbing for the melee spot because one guy can't raid at night often. In general, we were less chaotic compare to the week before. We mostly broke the tether without getting devoured. Mostly, I should say. Very often we still have people, espeically the marked player, who move to the wrong spot. Then we repeated wipe at the slug phase, when a honey is fed to a slug. Sometimes we have multiple slug feeding, or one slug ate multiple honey, or we stood too close to the honey and they hit us very hard. Not to mention the laser is happening in the middle of all this.

The next raid happened right after the patch 5.4 dropped. There were at least two people who will be raiding hardcore in the Eden raid, so they won't be joining us on the first week of the patch. So we had to cancel that raid day.

The next week things didn't get better. The hardcore people were still busy with Eden Promise. We also had people not feeling, had PC problem, etc, etc. So a second raid day was cancelled. The week after was going into the Chrismas weekend, so it was not clear who will be around if at all.

On one hand I loath that we raid two days and stopped for multiple weeks. When we resume, we probably have to relearn the fight. On the other hand, I wasn't much for a fan of raiding at late night. I was sleepy, but because it was only a two hours raid, I just try to keep it up. It was unpleasant to do late night raid, but I just didn't want to be the first person who complain about it.

There were talks about moving the raid day to a sensible hours on Thursday once we manage to clear A8s with Amber's group. At that time when this discussion happened, we were not consistent with having 8 people alive to the Verdict phase. It wasn't clear to me how will these all resolved.

Table of content of this series is here
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