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End of the PF Journey to Savage Raid


This is a continuation of the story from my previous blog Journey into savage raid in PF and The Dark Side of PF

Pick up from where I left of, when patch 5.4 dropped I spent the first week gearing up, then the second week trying out Emerald Weapon Ex, then E9s. I was very lucky to on PF to run into people who were very patient with me in learning the fight. It still around 5 PF to cleared E9s. Then I tried E10s on PF. At first it was a relatively smooth sail. About 3 PF later I got to 2% enrage.

And then, it was endlessly wipe on the orbs, people mess up the left/right, etc. At least 10 hours was spent, I decided that it was bad for my sanity to continue.

Only if I actually know how to give up.

This is one of the reason why I unsub from the game, too addictive. There are times I just want to do one thing right. Yes, one thing right, but one thing always lead to another.

Because the main mechanics that always cause wipes is the orbs, and it is a healer/tank mechanics. So I used all my tome, bought crafted gear, and farmed a Emerald weapon for SCH. The first test run was healing Emerald Ex, then I joined E10s parties to train for the voidgates.

As far as I can tell, it was tough. Especially the second set when you have to see the side that is safe and aware of the orb position. Then the mechanics happens very fast. I have to sprint to position every time and hope the other two dps are sprinting with me. Then I have to hope that the other healer/tank don't take the wrong position.

I think it was a lost cause.

Then in a quiet evening in Boxing days, I was waiting for my friends to login. This year is a bit special, because many people in my FC were subbing, or use the call back campaign. They will be on quite late, so I was looking for something to do on PF. Then I saw a E10s party, with 6/8 in a static saying that they try to clean up the fight.

I joined. I thought even if it is a lost cause, I may learn a bit more with a static. At least they talk and we can try ironing things out. I really want to practice a little bit more on that 16 voidgate mechanics. I really only have seen it done cleanly maybe 3 times.

The people in the static was very nice to me. They started by teaching me their strat, which is very different from PF. Especially the 16 voidgate part, I need to move from NE corner to SE corner then to SW corner. I would imagine a BLM will complain about this, but fortunately I have the mobility as SMN.

The team is very solid in mechanics handling. I don't see one mistake on major mechanics like the orbs and on the left/right giga slash. We got to 5% enrage, then 4% enrage.

It was quite late in the evening when we eventually kill the boss.

Of course it is only part of the story. I got to see my result in fflog, but my number is quite bad. I search for another player in the 90%+ tile with similar clear time and compare that to mine. There are a few things that I noticed:

1. In general I got the rotation right. The number of ability casted of me and the person I compare to was about the same. However, for the same fight, I did 396 cast vs his 418 cast. I wasted 22 cast. One particular attack I missed was Brand Of Purgatory. I think I have not fully make use of the time during summon phoenix. I don't always have time for the 6th cast. Sometimes Outburst went off and I cancelled cast.

2. On all attack, I did about 30% less damage on average. This may have do with gear, meld, food and pot. I always pass on the loot as I am unsubbing, but I guess doing this fight at i506 with not everything meld is an issue. Fortunately my sub runs out, or else I need to seriously keep up my gear. Also, I was still using the Ovim meatball because it is cheap on MB. I am so not used to use pot that although I kept a few old potion but I rarely use them.

3. I wasn't align my shadow correctly in the 16 voidgate and caused a damage down. I think I was trying not to stand on other people when dropping the shadow, but in fact, I should have just stand on other people to avoid positioning too far to the side. This is one of those mechanics like Ultra Flash in A8s. It is supposed to be easy, but a slight angle can get you killed.

Anyway, it is a hassle when I can't kill the boss, but it is also a hassle when I kill it. This is really a can of worm that I just find more things to work on. Of course, my sub is running out in about a week. So I will have the headache in 6.0, assuming I raid then.

No, I am not doing E11s. I am curious about it, but not really. If I ever started then it will be another rabbit hole.

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