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Journey into savage raid in PF

I was debating whether I should bother with the savage raid or not. I only have one month worth of sub. When the patch dropped, I didn't even have enough ilv to do the Eden Normal. However, after reading about the raid stories from Siglinde, I was very tempted to go and see it with my own eye.

My expectation was quite low. The truth is, I don't want to be disappointed. I haven't subbed for a while, and I hardly remember how any of the lv80 jobs work anymore. I thought I will try a practice party, learn some mechanics, never get a clear and do something else.

The very first learning party I joined was on Wednesday evening. I just got my clear on the Emerald Ex and decided to checked out E9s. I joined a party who was training from the start. I didn't even have a chance to watch a guide before I join. I was totally clueless on the tether mechanics. At first I thought I just stood where my puddle dropped and move away from it, then try to break whoever I had tether with. Well, it is exactly not how you want to this mechanics. People were patiently explained how I should move. The NIN even put a marker on himself and told me to follow him. Still I didn't get it.

I was very luck that nobody kicked me. I wiped the party at least 5 times before I got how they want me to move. It was until the end of the first lockout, I realize what we are trying to achieve.

Each training party last about a lockout. Then we either disband, too late into the night, or some one got to go, etc.
The the first training party, apart from me trying to learn about tethers, we wipe mostly to Anti/Wide.
In the second training party, we got to the platform repeatedly. But I got killed by the donut aoe because the melee in front of me did not free that tile and I cannot get close to the boss.
In the third training party, we were consistent on the platform and we got to the towers. This group used the Mith strat. I notice that it had much higher success rate than the Happy strat the first two group used.
In the fourth training party, we hit 5% enrage, then 1% enrage.

In the fifth training party, we hit 0.1% enrage. Then we did another pull, it was still a bit wonky. There are a few death here and there, but recoverable overall. Then we got to the second platform. One of our healer died. I can't tell why, but I rez him. If you rez someone, you need to move to another tile, so they don't spawn on the same tile as you do. However, there were other players in front of me. As a result, the healer respawn on my tile and kill both of us. Then, the people were dying.

As the boss was beginning to enrage, we had only three DPS on the platform. The boss HP was below 1%.

I watch the HP going from 0.8%, 0.5% as the castbar was getting to the end.

It had to be the last auto went in at the right time. We managed to escape the 0.1% enrage.

E9s cleared.

I have my thanks to Haven Asakura from the Zodiark server. He was in my first two training parties and was very patiently taught me the mechanics. Also, Ishamael Dar for explaining to me how those tether really works.

I also would like to thanks Siglinde Skysworn for writing the blog about this fight. I think I probably won't be trying this fight if he didn't make it sounds so interesting.
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Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

Whoa! Congrats, good work!

For the tiles, you can actually safely run over other players tiles as long as you have the "Transcendent" buff (rez invulnerability). But ofc that requires the player being raised to know that, and to also know that using any actions (like sprint) removes it.

I agree that Mith is easier to teach to other players, and more forgiving on timing (Happy requires the players to preposition fast, which not all people know).

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

There's another strat called Rin strat which I have also heard is good. Maybe you can see if you like it.

Also, I have wiped my party far more than 5 times, lol! The important thing is you learned from your mistakes in the end, so great job!

P.S. It's not savage until you've got a 1% or less enrage!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie [Aether]


Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix [Light]

Siglinde, Thanks for showing me this Rin strat. I think it work very good with position of the towers mechanics.

When we use the Mith strat, in the tower phase, I dropped my puddle at West, then stack at SW of the boss, run to the NE corner to break the tether, then sprint to my tower which is at the NW. It is a lot of movement. There were times I thought I won't made it in time.
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