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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, TOC

After patch 5.3, SE decided to make free trial free to play until lv 60. I took this opportunity to sign up for a free trial account. Originally I was hoping to experience the reduced ARR MSQ again. However, this adventure led me into something really unexpected.

Not everything is from the free trial account however. Seasons 1 and 2 happened around patch 5.3 while seasons 3 is from the 14 days free login around patch 5.5.

Season 1

1. You Must Be In-Sync

2. A12s, Once More

3. Recurring Scenery

4. Relic From Those Days

5. Into the Abyss

6. Solo Exploration

7. The Chaotic War Room

8. Four Years After

9. The Judgement Day

10. Midnight Groove

11. Final Verdict

12. Blind Leads Blind

13. Decision Time

Season 2

Intermission 1

14. Twilight Zone

15. The Right Way To Kill a Dragon

16. Second Attempt (A-side)

17. Off the Beaten Track

18. Second Attempt (B-side)

Season 3

Intermission 2

19. The Invitation

20. Rock Solid Adventure, Part 1

21. Rock Solid Adventure, Part 2

22. The Curious Rise of the Arthritis Mage

23. Naked Reflection

24. At The End of The Tunnel


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