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The Same Old Rabbit Hole

My journey continues on my second week of re-sub. After the weekly reset, I finally was able to get enough token from Eden normal to reach ilv500. Therefore, time to give the raid content a try.

I was debating if I should bother with current patch raid at all. It always feel like being sucked into a trend. It somewhat feels like it is the fear of missing out instead of raiding for a real purpose.

Back in 3.x, if you want to enjoy the content at MIL, you really have to do it in the first week. Not only so, very often you have to be in a static, because there were no cross server party and talent pool was much smaller.

Anyway, I started with Emerald Weapon Ex. I jumped on the first training party with a dps opening. It was my first time doing the fight, and I was having trouble figuring out the sword pattern and firing squad. We made it to 39%, but the party disbanded after just one lockout. So I joined another one to get more practice. It were where I dodge the firing squad correctly the first time. However, it is really only when the last scoot is right next to the lane of the firing squad. We made it to 12%, but we can't get further unless there is less death.

I was very confused with how to dodge, so I have to check out a guide. The next day I joined another practice party. At first there were problem in the orb phase. Someone kept messing up the orbs so we wipe. I thought it will be another lost cause. But then things looking much better once we get to the second phase. The dps was strong. I got luck with in the second run that I actually see the sword pattern and the last scoot is right next to the firing squad.

Unexpected, really unexpectedly, we killed the boss at the third pull. Of course, I was very happy about that. However, it is the same feeling I got when I cleared Ruby weapon last time. I am not doing the mechanics correctly. I like to clear the fight, but I prefer I handle the mechanics solidly instead of just being lucky.

So, here is a rabbit hole.

Why I feel like I have written about this before? Because I did back in April :p

Well, I am writing all about it while in the the cutscene during phase transition. I guess at least this time I know how to optimize my break time.

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