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Out of the Left Cuft: Why I Hate Jump Potions

Disclaimer: The following is an opinion piece to be taken with a grain of salt and does not reflect the views and opinions found on the Final Fantasy XIV Online A Realm Reborn Heavensward Stormblood (Pending) or the MMO Communities. Additionally, the author of this piece is of casual level of gameplay experience. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Let's get this out of the way, here and now: I. HATE. JUMP. POTIONS. With a passion. I think they are RMT inspired, destroy actual effort, and an insult to ANY player. If you care to understand why I have this hatred, read onward; at your own risk.

First, let's establish what a 'Jump Potion' is. It is an item that allows a player to skip ahead to certain points in the game, aka Jump. Currently there are two potions in place (in the Asian Sector), one for levels and one for story. The level potions are set at the level 50 cap, but there is talk of increasing that to 60 in anticipation for the Stormblood expansion. The Story Potion is set to the end of 'Before the Fall' (Patch 2.5 for the Raiding Community), but will also see a similar adjustment like that of the level potions. Now that we've established what they are, we must also explain how to get them: They are to be purchased with real-life currency in the MogStation (currently restricted to the Asian Sector). To my understanding there is no current limit on how many potions you can acquire or if you have to make a choice for either one or be able to purchase and use both.

Second, let's explain the 'Reasons' behind such an endeavor. One explanation is that progression for newcomer players is too difficult and thus they are held back. They feel Jump Potions will help accelerate this progression, both in story and in levels. Another explanation is that this will 'allow friends to party together.' If the new player had friends in higher levels, they would not be able to play with them as they just started the game. Finally, they feel the complexity of XIV prevents players from experiencing all that this game has to offer. Jump Potions would allow them to go right out of the gate without the fear of being overwhelmed of the nuances that come with this game.

NOW, since we established some 'facts' of Jump Potions, let dispel these fallacies.

The Progression being too difficult for newcomers is a fault of the Development Team, NOT the players. Jump Potions will make the situation WORSE, not better. Why is this? Progression, at its core, is about seeing how far you are able to succeed under your own skill and also acquiring the mindset and toolset needed to complete tasks. When you are giving away the toolset with no mindset of what to do, it dooms the player to frustration and failure. It's the same as expecting an infant to solve Advance Calculus with an abacus after just being born. Jump Potions are, to the same effect, the Abacus and that's all you're given to do Advanced Calculus WITH. It doesn't work.

Next is the 'friends' fallacy. First off, if your 'friends' brought you into this game, and told you to get jump potions so you can be at their level, without telling you the fundamentals of the game, showing you how certain roles work, and so on, then you're not there because of your friends. You're there to fill a slot. Nothing more. Expect to see a LOT of these kinds of 'friends' in Raid Group. Forwarning now. Worse, since you're just a party slot and not a party member, WHEN you fail, you are replaced. All because they'd rather you take a quick route to the top and not learn how the job and abilities work.

Finally, is the whole 'complexity' fallacy. An MMO without complexity is no different than a Multiplayer FPS game. Random people attacking random things. Also, it's BECAUSE of the complexity that you have a sense of immersion. The world is alive and you are a living part of it. Jump Potions remove any sense of immersion, leaving you to just afk until the next raid is available or weekly reset is made. Also, again, the fault lies with the Development Team for not anticipating a balance between being too simple and being too complex.

There is also additional aspects that Jump Potions bring about. Jump Potions only boost access to features, not the understanding of them. That comes with time and practice. Expecting the players to learn all there is to learn of this game overnight is foolish on the Development Team's part. There's already enough discrimination between Non-Raiders (aka 'Casuals' according to the Raiding Community) and Raiders, Class and Job. Jump Potions will only greater the divide. There's also the divide of those that actually took the time (some since the beginning of this game) to master this game and make the experience their own. Jump Potions are a sign of abandoning their efforts and dishonoring their sacrifice of time and passion. Along that note, it also makes playing the game MEANINGLESS as you can just unsubscribe, wait a year or two (if they'll even CARE to come back) and get the next expansion with updated Jump Potions. There's no longer a point in seeing these worlds as you skip them entirely. It will also make new players lazier; unwilling to grow as they already know they can just buy an item that gets them instant access or instant levels. I also stated earlier that this is "RMT inspired" in its own way. Considering you have to trade in Real Money at the MogStation for this, it makes sense. Also, it cuts the middleman of making a high level account and selling it off when you can just get an item for cheap that does the work for you. Sickening, but that's their strategy, I guess. It's not only the End User that's ruined by this: THE DEVELOPMENT STAFF SUFFER AS WELL! Now they no longer see a need to create ANY type of world as Jump Potions skip such world building altogether. Why bother explaining any lore if there's a way to bypass it? Why give characters any meaning when you no longer take the time to know them thanks to these Jump Potions? Why were you hired, if what you do has no value anymore?

To conclude, it doesn't matter what I have to say as they have already implemented this in the Asian Sector and will roll this out come Stormblood's release. I just find it insulting that 'Yoshi-P (that disgusting troll)' is 'asking for feedback because he's afraid of how things will turn out.' If he was actually scared, this idea would have never got off the ground. Let's not even kid ourselves: this is a business tactic to inflate numbers. Nothing more. It's just gross to see that they intend to do such things as Jump Potion and feign concern. Let's just hope they wise up and not pull this stunt again, or expect to see a FALL of numbers as opposed to a rise. DAMN, this was a long rant...
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Teryani Morgan

Siren (Aether)

My spin on it is that I think it's a bit early in the game's life cycle for the jump potion. I'm sure some analyst disagrees with me and the magic amount of time to end game will be reached with Stormblood or something.

I understand why they're doing it. A 3-4 week (6 if you're not on as much) grind to reach the end of Heavensward is kinda onerous. But it's not really that bad.

It's not going to produce a worse player, no worse than someone who lazy-leveled the class they're playing.

Windi Skywalker

Cactuar (Aether)

Hoo boy...
First, your progression "fallacy": That would apply if the skill progression was the same pace as a single-player game, but it isn't. The game has a LOT of padding during the pre-50 campaign than it needs, which exists only to make the game longer to give players something to do. Also, your whole argument ignores the fact that players could still queue in low-level dungeons or PotD if they feel the need to practice/preview their classes. The MSQ doesn't prepare you for duties at all.

Windi Skywalker

Cactuar (Aether)

To your friends "fallacy"... Boy you are pulling generalizations out of nowhere. Why do you even think players WANT someone to "fill a slot"? You are painting it like every human being treats each other as tools. No, we want to have fun with the people we are close to, and a high level can't really do much with low-levels because of the content they don't have available and how it tends to ruin EXP gain if there is too high a divide.

Windi Skywalker

Cactuar (Aether)

Now to complexity... I have played many games that have minimal complexity yet still manages to immerse me. You are comparing two completely different things that aren't really dependent on the same things as each other. That, and the game isn't even that complex until you're past 50 anyway? The MSQ and Class quests give you an echo boost if you fail repeatedly The only real challenge from this game comes from Party-based duties.

Windi Skywalker

Cactuar (Aether)

Considering this, jump potions really won't impact the game as people say it will. It'll only mean that certain people with money will get through a portion of the game faster, and sure, they won't pick up some skills from earlier content, but it's not like going back to old content is somehow not an option. Let people play how they want to play.

Jennah Amariyo

Valefor (Gaia)

Against it too. It will only encourage RMT imo.

If pple jump to higher level, what they need next will be gear. Fastest way is to buy crafted gear from MArket Board which are usually expensive.To get that large amount of gils for purchase is to buy from RMT.

Will only see more RMT farmer in gamers no matter how much we report. Kind of like beginning of the ruining of the game...

Kuwabara Valefor

Hyperion (Primal)

Already seen the effects firsthand. Was in a trial some days back and was OT (as I'm GLA so Perma OT status is my thing) and the MT 1) Did not understand OT (Off Tank) OR MT (Main Tank) and 2) failed to know other terms and now we must be on the alert of people that may very well have NO KNOWLEDGE of the game whatsoever...and it will ONLY get worse in 4.1 when the 1-ONLY restriction for each of them is removed.
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