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I need healer tips and help


Currently leveling my healer job (WHM), I find it more stressing than any other role I tried. So, I searched for tips and stuffs on the internet but it was never what I actually feel I needed.

I learned most of what I know by doing a lot of mistakes and I am still learning so I am asking for help.

This a list of what I have learned that really helped me:

- Not going under leveled, that's kinda obvious but for haukke manor, for example, it is a 28 level dungeon but I will never go back there at level 28 because cure is completely useless. For healers out there (WHM) , Wait until you get to 30 with your job quest done just to get that Cure II.

- Always stay near the tank and always have him in your line of sight because he might run and you will probably have to sprint to get to him and find out he got killed during the 10 seconds you were left behind.

- I use regen, Medica II and Eye for an Eye whenever I can because I don't know when something might happen and I mostly keep Asylum for the Boss or very large pulls.

- Also I put Benediction, swift cast, Esuna and Tetragrammaton on the mouse.

- I am still thinking about when to use Surecast but I might put it on the mouse instead of Esuna but Against the first boss of Satasha hard Esuna was really important and I think it might still be later.

- Largess and Peace of mind are only used, from what I saw, when I am really in a pinch and I mostly use them together.

- Cure III when there is a melee DPS in the party.

- Assize and Lucid Dream when I have no more MP or I need to cast something fast but I have no Benediction, Swift cast or Tetragrammaton

I know a few stuffs will change once 5.0 will be out but I need to get my skills at a certain level before really using it without stressing and constantly doubting myself. That is why I am asking for help and any keybinds tips. All I've said here is until level 60. I am going to do my job quest and everything later and jump to 270 but I am still afraid of doing higher level duty roulette.

People are mostly kind and understanding but I really need to feel good when I heal. I might want to try Scholar and Astrologian later.

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.

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Dregan Imerith

Ultros (Primal)

Hi! I'm AST main. Besides obvious spells to cast - also use Esuna to remove debuff icons w/ line at the top. Regens/heals are useless if your team is suffering from poison/bleed/disease. The moment you see them,remove right away.

Don't overheal. Know fight & dungeon mobs. Anticipate & size up tank. How many are pulled? Adjust healing accordingly. Don't wait HP to go 30% to cast heals, time it so HP is refilled instantly. Conserve MP, keep your lightspeed/swiftcast handy when you really need it.

Spica Nox

Gilgamesh (Aether)

Thanks, well that means Esuna stays on the Mouse.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

As someone who LOVES WM and healing in general, let me tell you; you can read LOTS of guides and get LOTS of advice from people on what to use, when to use it, etc.

But what it REALLY boils down to is the people you are healing. HOW good is that tank? Are they well geared and skilled so his health hardly drops, or do you have to be on him like a hawk because his bar drops fast? Same with DPS, do they try to avoid damage or get hit a lot?


Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Watching how the party plays will determine how much you will need to work to keep them alive. A well skilled party will allow you to DPS a lot. But if those bars drop quick, forget the DPS and just heal.

Other than that, know the dungeon/trial/raid and what comes up when.

Keep Medica 2 going so you have to work less, but watch for aggro and regen/shield as needed. Healing attracts creatures like a bitch! ;p

Try to watch for debuffs and esuna as needed.

And enjoy the stress, it's fun! ;-)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I see you already got some good advice from the pros!

I don't play WHM but I grouped with some very good ones before and just want to add that Holy is amazing. It's not just for DPS, the 4s stun is extremely powerful. If the tank is dying you can swiftcast + Holy and that will give you enough time to cast something. After each cast enemies build up resistance, so the 1st cast stuns them for 4s, the second for 2s, and the last for 1s.

Beware you must be in close range of enemies to use it.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Also, don't be afraid to talk to your tank about pacing and so on. If they are going too fast/slow, ask them to change the pace. Some may be jerks but I think most reasonable people will listen.

Remember that it is the tank's duty to reduce incoming damage, adjust the pull size and be properly equipped for his/her role.

Rhaq'a Zhwan

Mateus (Crystal)

Healing is really situational, and what you’ll be using will be different if it’s a dungeon, trial or raid.

For example I use and abuse Holy, Tetra, Regen, E4E and DPS moves in dungeons.

For 24 mans I’m usually keeping Medica II up for expected raidwide damage (or phases where people mess up a lot), and using all my AoE heals including Pleniary Indulgence, while topping off other alliances if they’d healers are weak.

TL;DR Your kit and how you use it changes depending on content.

Spica Nox

Gilgamesh (Aether)

Thanks everyone and I just learned something that was so obvious "Swift cast+Raise".
I never thought about it lol.
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