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Every death hurts my soul...

Even if it's not my fault, my soul feels pain from these deaths, but it's much worse when it is my fault, and every time the tank dies I just want to hang it up. If dps ends up dying because of me, they get an automatic commendation, because it's the right thing to do and it would serve to "soften" the blow..

It's a good day if I can manage to do Leveling, 50/60/70/80 and Expert roulette without a single death. I'd say maybe there's 6 deaths a week if I don't get any wipes and if I don't play on the weekends or monday.

Some deaths come about as a result of them just being stupid and thinking I can correct their stupidity.

Some deaths come about as a result of me pressing the wrong skill, or taking my eyes off the screen for 0.5 seconds.

Some deaths are the end result of me delaying the inevitable, when the tank pulls more than his body can handle and he's at the mercy of aldo after all my stacks are used.

Some deaths come about as a result of people thinking I will adjust. Sometimes I do adjust, but the mobs don't adjust, so that 5th vulnerability stack you got will 1 hit you.

As you might've surmised from this post, I care a lot about death in this game. My style revolves around its prevention. I watch everyone's movements and I build possible death scenarios in my head and plan for these possible "futures" should they arise. My threshold is 50% HP and 20% with Essential Dignity(AST). I don't under nor overheal outside of regeneration abilites. Sometimes I'm on point..

However...prevention is hard to come by.

If someone will die, they will die. I don't like it, and I know how it makes people feel - that's what drives me to prevent it.
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