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You know, when a first-timer to a Trial asks "is there anything I should know about this?" the answer shouldn't be a straight "no" if there's a mechanic that will wipe the entire party if left unattended. Specifically referring to my first encounter with Susano. Turns out that giant sword of his in phase 2 (at least I assume it's phase 2) wipes the party if a tank doesn't stand underneath it. The party should have explained that at the beginning when I asked instead of waiting til after the fact to explain it.

And just as an aside, I'm just kind of amused by the quest's title: "Lord of the Revel". As an active and avid MTG player, I actually tend to associate that particular title with "Rakdos, Lord of Revels". I wasn't too surprised when Susano turned out to be Big Fun as opposed to the torture master that is Rakdos, but it's just a thought.
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