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Dark Knight Quests

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Title Area Level
Our End Ishgard 50
Ishgardian Justice Ishgard 30
The Voice in the Abyss Ishgard 35
Heroic Reprise Ishgard 40
Declaration of Blood Ishgard 45
Our Answer Ishgard 50
The Wages of Mercy Coerthas Central Highlands 50
The Knight and the Maiden Fair Ishgard 52
Kindred Spirits Ishgard 54
Original Sins Ishgard 56
The Flame in the Abyss Ishgard 58
Absolution Ishgard 60
In Memories We Walked Ishgard 60
The Widow and Her Love Coerthas Western Highlands 63
The Orphans and the Broken Blade The Dravanian Forelands 65
We Can Never Go Home The Churning Mists 68
Our Compromise Ishgard 70
Our Closure Ishgard 80

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