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Disciple of War Job Quests

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Title Area Level
Paladin Quests Paladin's Pledge Ul'dah 30
Paladin Quests Honor Lost Ul'dah 35
Paladin Quests Power Struggles Ul'dah 40
Paladin Quests Poisoned Hearts Ul'dah 45
Paladin Quests Parley in the Sagolii Ul'dah 45
Paladin Quests Keeping the Oath Ul'dah 50
Paladin Quests A Relic Reborn (Curtana) North Shroud 50
Paladin Quests An Exemplary Example Ul'dah 50
Paladin Quests The Paladin Who Cried Wolf Central Thanalan 52
Paladin Quests Big Sollerets to Fill Coerthas Western Highlands 54
Paladin Quests Hey Soul Crystal Coerthas Western Highlands 56
Paladin Quests All According to Plan Coerthas Western Highlands 58
Paladin Quests This Little Sword of Mine Coerthas Western Highlands 60
Paladin Quests Tournament of the Century Ul'dah 60
Paladin Quests In Thal's Name Ul'dah 63
Paladin Quests In Nald's Name Ul'dah 65
Paladin Quests Fade to Black Lotus Ul'dah 68
Paladin Quests Raising the Sword Ul'dah 70
Paladin Quests Worth Fighting For Ul'dah 80
Monk Quests Brother from Another Mother Ul'dah 30
Monk Quests Insulted Intelligence Ul'dah 35
Monk Quests A Slave to the Aether Ul'dah 40
Monk Quests The Pursuit of Power Ul'dah 45
Monk Quests Good Vibrations Ul'dah 45
Monk Quests Five Easy Pieces Ul'dah 50
Monk Quests A Relic Reborn (Sphairai) North Shroud 50
Monk Quests The Legend Continues Ul'dah 50
Monk Quests Let's Talk about Sects Mor Dhona 52
Monk Quests Against the Shadow Mor Dhona 54
Monk Quests Fight the Battle to Win Mor Dhona 56
Monk Quests Stop the Senseless Killing Mor Dhona 58
Monk Quests Appetite for Destruction Mor Dhona 60
Monk Quests A Fistful of Resolve Ul'dah 60
Monk Quests Return of the Monk Mor Dhona 63
Monk Quests Cross-fist Training The Peaks 65
Monk Quests Choices and Paths The Peaks 68
Monk Quests The Power to Protect The Peaks 70
Monk Quests A Monk's Legacy Ul'dah 80
Warrior Quests Pride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain) Limsa Lominsa 30
Warrior Quests Embracing the Beast Eastern La Noscea 35
Warrior Quests Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport Eastern La Noscea 40
Warrior Quests Looking the Part Eastern La Noscea 45
Warrior Quests Proof Is the Pudding Eastern La Noscea 45
Warrior Quests How to Quit You Eastern La Noscea 50
Warrior Quests A Relic Reborn (Bravura) North Shroud 50
Warrior Quests Better Axe Around Eastern La Noscea 50
Warrior Quests Duty and the Beast Upper La Noscea 52
Warrior Quests The Bear Necessity Upper La Noscea 54
Warrior Quests Pirates of Shallow Water Upper La Noscea 56
Warrior Quests How to Train Your Warrior Western La Noscea 56

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