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Disciple of the Land Quests

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Title Area Level
Miner Quests Way of the Miner Ul'dah 1
Miner Quests My First Pickaxe Ul'dah 1
Miner Quests Know Thy Land Ul'dah 5
Miner Quests The Cutting Edge Ul'dah 10
Miner Quests Getting in Deep Ul'dah 15
Miner Quests Old Wisdom, New Ways Ul'dah 20
Miner Quests Water from Stone Ul'dah 25
Miner Quests Obsidian Race Ul'dah 30
Miner Quests Amethysts Are Forever Ul'dah 35
Miner Quests To Die For Ul'dah 40
Miner Quests Gulley of Woes Ul'dah 45
Miner Quests Canyon of Regret Ul'dah 50
Miner Quests Breaking New Ground Ul'dah 50
Miner Quests Sellspade Ishgard 53
Miner Quests The Same Vein Ishgard 55
Miner Quests Digging Deeper Ishgard 58
Miner Quests The Hole Truth Ishgard 60
Miner Quests Gift of the Gob Ul'dah 60
Miner Quests Thick Skin Idyllshire 63
Miner Quests Pedal to the Metal Idyllshire 65
Miner Quests Where the Money Takes You Idyllshire 68
Miner Quests A Miner Success Idyllshire 70
Botanist Quests Way of the Botanist Gridania 1
Botanist Quests My First Hatchet Gridania 1
Botanist Quests Sap for Smiles Gridania 5
Botanist Quests Weapons of a Feather Gridania 10
Botanist Quests Haste Makes Waste Gridania 15
Botanist Quests Dressed to Harvest Gridania 20
Botanist Quests Aromatic Aspirations Gridania 25
Botanist Quests What Nature Giveth Gridania 30
Botanist Quests A Feast to Say the Least Gridania 35
Botanist Quests Crisis of Faith Gridania 40
Botanist Quests Botanist in a Bind Gridania 45
Botanist Quests Seeds of Hope Gridania 50
Botanist Quests Call from the Clouds Gridania 50
Botanist Quests Onions of Life Bestowing Ishgard 53
Botanist Quests Two Nations, One Seed Ishgard 55
Botanist Quests Love for Harmony Ishgard 58
Botanist Quests Seeds Know No Borders Ishgard 60
Botanist Quests Never Meet Your Heroes Gridania 60
Botanist Quests You Say Popoto, I Say... Idyllshire 63
Botanist Quests Walking for Walker's Idyllshire 65
Botanist Quests The White Death Idyllshire 68
Botanist Quests Edgyth's Winning Streak Idyllshire 70
Fisher Quests Way of the Fisher Limsa Lominsa 1
Fisher Quests My First Fishing Rod Limsa Lominsa 1
Fisher Quests Bigger Fish to Fry Limsa Lominsa 5
Fisher Quests The Princess and the Fish Limsa Lominsa 10
Fisher Quests Every Fish Has a Silver Lining Limsa Lominsa 15
Fisher Quests A Fish in Hot Water Limsa Lominsa 20

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