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Disciple of the Hand Quests

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Title Area Level
Carpenter Quests Way of the Carpenter Gridania 1
Carpenter Quests My First Saw Gridania 1
Carpenter Quests To Be the Wood Gridania 5
Carpenter Quests Supplies for the Sick Gridania 10
Carpenter Quests A Carpenter in Need Gridania 15
Carpenter Quests The Lance's Lesson Gridania 20
Carpenter Quests A Crisis of Confidence Gridania 25
Carpenter Quests Between Captain and Conjurer Gridania 30
Carpenter Quests Growing Apart Gridania 35
Carpenter Quests Memento Mori Gridania 40
Carpenter Quests Gone till the Sixth Astral Moon Gridania 45
Carpenter Quests Saving Captain Gairhard Gridania 50
Carpenter Quests Lance of a Lifetime Gridania 50
Carpenter Quests A-hunting He Will Go Ishgard 53
Carpenter Quests Ministers of Grace Defend Him Ishgard 55
Carpenter Quests The Son Also Rises Ishgard 58
Carpenter Quests More Fierce than Fire Ishgard 60
Carpenter Quests Uncharted Territory Gridania 60
Carpenter Quests The Game of Confidence Gridania 63
Carpenter Quests A Lesson in Listening Kugane 65
Carpenter Quests Live and Let Dine Kugane 68
Carpenter Quests Tea Party Rules Gridania 70
Blacksmith Quests Way of the Blacksmith Limsa Lominsa 1
Blacksmith Quests My First Cross-pein Hammer Limsa Lominsa 1
Blacksmith Quests Hammer Time Limsa Lominsa 5
Blacksmith Quests Riveting Ramblings Limsa Lominsa 10
Blacksmith Quests The Business of Blacksmithing Limsa Lominsa 15
Blacksmith Quests By the Sweat of Your Brow Limsa Lominsa 20
Blacksmith Quests True as Steel Limsa Lominsa 25
Blacksmith Quests As Iron Sharpens Iron Limsa Lominsa 30
Blacksmith Quests Set Faezahr to Stun Limsa Lominsa 35
Blacksmith Quests Forging Ahead Limsa Lominsa 40
Blacksmith Quests Beauty and the Bardiche Limsa Lominsa 45
Blacksmith Quests Waiting in the Winglet Limsa Lominsa 50
Blacksmith Quests Forging Northwards Limsa Lominsa 50
Blacksmith Quests Leave It to Fremondain Ishgard 53
Blacksmith Quests The Good Fight Ishgard 55
Blacksmith Quests Blade That Was Broken Ishgard 58
Blacksmith Quests Integrity Ishgard 60
Blacksmith Quests A Missive from the Far East Limsa Lominsa 60
Blacksmith Quests The Client Is King Limsa Lominsa 63
Blacksmith Quests Blood Ties Limsa Lominsa 65
Blacksmith Quests The Missing Piece Limsa Lominsa 68
Blacksmith Quests The Final Face-off Limsa Lominsa 70
Armorer Quests Way of the Armorer Limsa Lominsa 1
Armorer Quests My First Doming Hammer Limsa Lominsa 1
Armorer Quests From Thigh to Neck Limsa Lominsa 5
Armorer Quests The Base Fundamentals Limsa Lominsa 10
Armorer Quests One's Own Worst Critic Limsa Lominsa 15
Armorer Quests An Armorer's Pride Limsa Lominsa 20

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