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Resistance Weapons

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Title Area Level
Hail to the Queen Kugane 80
Path to the Past Yanxia 80
The Bozja Incident Rhalgr's Reach 80
 Fire in the Forge Gangos 80
 Resistance Is (Not) Futile Gangos 80
Where Eagles Nest Gangos 80
An Expected Engagement Bozjan Southern Front 80
Lost No Longer Bozjan Southern Front 80
On the Offensive Bozjan Southern Front 80
Time to Focus Bozjan Southern Front 80
Third Time's the Charm Bozjan Southern Front 80
Pressing Forward Bozjan Southern Front 80
Signature Acquired Bozjan Southern Front 80
Picking Up the Trail Bozjan Southern Front 80
The Lady of Blades Bozjan Southern Front 80
A Sober Proposal Gangos 80
 For Want of a Memory Gangos 80
 The Will to Resist Gangos 80
A Sign of What's to Come Gangos 80
Fit for a Queen Gangos 80
One Man's Relic Gangos 80
Let Me Holster That for You Gangos 80
In the Queen's Image Gangos 80
 Change of Arms Gangos 80
The Resistance Remembers Gangos 80
 A New Path of Resistance Gangos 80
A New Playing Field Gangos 80
Resolve Unshaken Zadnor 80
Where Eagles Roost Zadnor 80
Reaching Out Zadnor 80
In Their Shadow Zadnor 80
Renewed Focus Zadnor 80
March of the Bloody Queen Zadnor 80
A Ruined Opportunity Gangos 80
What Dreams Are Made Of Gangos 80
Spare Parts Gangos 80
Tell Me a Story Gangos 80
A Fond Memory Gangos 80
A Done Deal Gangos 80
 Irresistible Gangos 80

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