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Title Area Level
The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen Ul'dah 50
Back in the Saddle Southern Thanalan 50
After Her Own Heart Ul'dah 50
The Immaculate Deception Ul'dah 50
The Science of Deduction Eastern Thanalan 50
The Hammer Western Thanalan 50
Manderville Men Northern Thanalan 50
The Three Collectors Western Thanalan 50
The Business of Betrothal Western Thanalan 50
A Burst of Inspiration Eastern La Noscea 50
Seeds of Rebellion Western La Noscea 50
A Case of Indecency Eastern La Noscea 50
Eight-armed and Dangerous Eastern La Noscea 50
What Price Victory Ul'dah 50
The Trouble with Truffles Ul'dah 50
The Coliseum Conundrum Ul'dah 50
Shades of Sil'dih Ul'dah 50
Sibling Strife Western Thanalan 50
Beneath the Mask Ul'dah 50
Truths Untold Ul'dah 50
Her Last Vow Ul'dah 50

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