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Gyr Abanian Sidequests

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Title Area Level
None Forgotten, None Forsaken Rhalgr's Reach 60
Not While Their Names Are Still Spoken Rhalgr's Reach 60
Hard Blow Rhalgr's Reach 61
Mother's Boy Rhalgr's Reach 61
Ant Juice Rhalgr's Reach 69
Dearest Daughter Rhalgr's Reach 69
Fallen Friend of Mine Rhalgr's Reach 69
Dreaming of Home Rhalgr's Reach 70
To Kill a Coeurl Rhalgr's Reach 70
An Unwanted Truth Rhalgr's Reach 70
Secret of the Ooze Rhalgr's Reach 70
Another Striking Opportunity Rhalgr's Reach 70
A Fortune in Salt Rhalgr's Reach 70
Magiteknical Failure The Fringes 60
Gross Encounters The Fringes 60
Prison Break The Fringes 60
What a Tangled Web We Weave The Fringes 60
Spicing Things Up The Fringes 60
Doing Her Part The Fringes 60
A Second Assessment The Fringes 61
A Good Role Model The Fringes 61
The Hidden Truth The Fringes 61
Drawing a Blank The Fringes 61
Seeking Answers The Fringes 61
The Honest Truth The Fringes 61
Unexpected Guests The Fringes 67
Delicate as a Flower The Fringes 67
Slug It Out The Fringes 67
Hard to Swallow The Fringes 67
Gold Rush The Fringes 67
Eyes Bigger than Her Stomach The Fringes 67
The Perfect Gift The Fringes 67
Spooked The Fringes 67
A New Contender The Fringes 67
Down but Not Out The Fringes 67
Make a Man Out of You The Fringes 67
Honoring Family The Fringes 67
The Rose Blooms Twice The Fringes 67
Confessions of the Heart The Fringes 69
Falling Down on the Job The Fringes 69
My Dear Brother The Fringes 69
The Dragon Made The Lochs 1
It's a Zu Out There The Lochs 69
Send in the Armor The Lochs 69
A Fletching Suggestion The Lochs 69
A Rite to Rest The Lochs 69
If I Were a Fish The Lochs 69
Necessities of War The Lochs 69
Are They Ill-tempered The Lochs 69
At the Top of the Stairs The Lochs 69

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