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Title Area Level
The Slaying of the Shrews Central Thanalan 6
The Tasting of the Shrews Central Thanalan 7
Listen to Your Fish Central Thanalan 7
Bloodied and Bowed Central Thanalan 8
In the Court of the Rat King Central Thanalan 9
Sometimes the Old Ways Are Best Central Thanalan 9
Need Not Apply in Person Central Thanalan 11
Alternative Medicine Central Thanalan 12
Fringe Benefits Central Thanalan 12
Forging the Spirit Central Thanalan 19
Waking the Spirit Central Thanalan 19
Marvelously Mutable Materia Central Thanalan 19
Melding Materia Muchly Central Thanalan 25
So You Want to Be a Jockey Chocobo Square 15
Like Sire Like Fledgling Chocobo Square 15
Leves of Camp Drybone Eastern Thanalan 15
A Dying Wish Eastern Thanalan 17
The Circle of Life Eastern Thanalan 17
Green Thumb Eastern Thanalan 17
All Dogs Go to Hell Eastern Thanalan 18
Buzzing at Church Eastern Thanalan 18
Lichyard Lilies Eastern Thanalan 18
Honoring the Dead Eastern Thanalan 18
Dead Bodies Everywhere Eastern Thanalan 18
Steaking Claims Eastern Thanalan 19
Now Hiring Eastern Thanalan 19
Impish Implications Eastern Thanalan 19
There's Mythril in Them Thar Hills Eastern Thanalan 19
Purging the Earth Eastern Thanalan 19
Strawman Defense Eastern Thanalan 24
Buzz Off, Birds Eastern Thanalan 24
Hair Club for Hyur Eastern Thanalan 24
Scholarly Funds Eastern Thanalan 25
The Perils of Pilgrimage Eastern Thanalan 25
Friendlier Skies Eastern Thanalan 25
Plagued by Indecision Eastern Thanalan 35
The Voyage of the Goobbue Eastern Thanalan 35
Scent of Cinnamon Eastern Thanalan 35
Mr. Slipshod and Ms. Uptight Eastern Thanalan 35
Out of Whole Cloth Eastern Thanalan 35
Tresses in Distress Eastern Thanalan 41
D Is for Dead Eastern Thanalan 41
Thieves and Robbers Northern Thanalan 38
The Ceruleum Must Flow Northern Thanalan 38
Leves of Camp Bluefog Northern Thanalan 40
High Standards Northern Thanalan 49
Crate Expectations Northern Thanalan 49
Jumping on a Grenade Northern Thanalan 49
The Life of the Party Northern Thanalan 49
An Eye for Elixirs Northern Thanalan 49

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