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Title Area Level
Leves of Costa del Sol Eastern La Noscea 30
Costa Beach Party Eastern La Noscea 30
Who Moved My Headcheese Eastern La Noscea 32
Get a Grip Eastern La Noscea 32
Unrefined Methods Eastern La Noscea 32
Buffaloed All the Way Eastern La Noscea 32
Pests in the Pillars Eastern La Noscea 32
To You from Failing Hands We Throw Eastern La Noscea 32
Raptor 'round Your Little Finger Eastern La Noscea 32
Put a Cork in It Eastern La Noscea 32
Mona Lisa Smile Eastern La Noscea 33
Anise, Chocolate, and a Hint of Toad Eastern La Noscea 33
The Wind, It Passes Eastern La Noscea 33
Bird's-eye View Eastern La Noscea 33
The Stench of Danger Eastern La Noscea 33
Leves of Wineport Eastern La Noscea 35
Treasures and Tribulations Eastern La Noscea 36
Coming to Limsa Lominsa Limsa Lominsa 1
Making a Name Limsa Lominsa 1
Suspiciously Sober Limsa Lominsa 1
Proper Procedure Limsa Lominsa 1
The Right Price Limsa Lominsa 1
Duty Calls Limsa Lominsa 1
Edelweiss, Edelweiss Limsa Lominsa 1
All the Fish in the Sea Limsa Lominsa 1
A Thousand Words Limsa Lominsa 2
Licensed to Reave Limsa Lominsa 2
Lost and Found Limsa Lominsa 2
I Stay the Streetlight Limsa Lominsa 2
A Sheepish Request Limsa Lominsa 3
Back in the Water Limsa Lominsa 3
The Rats in the Wharf Limsa Lominsa 3
Glory Days Limsa Lominsa 4
Soothing the Savage Siren Limsa Lominsa 4
Fool Me Once Limsa Lominsa 4
Leves of Swiftperch Limsa Lominsa 10
Good for What Ales You Limsa Lominsa 14
Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep Limsa Lominsa 15
Rising to the Challenge Limsa Lominsa 15
An Ill-conceived Venture Limsa Lominsa 17
My Little Chocobo (Maelstrom) Limsa Lominsa 20
A Faerie Tale Come True Limsa Lominsa 30
The Beast of Brewer's Beacon Limsa Lominsa 50
Feast of Famine Limsa Lominsa 50
An Egi by Any Other Name Limsa Lominsa 50
Things Are Getting Sirius Limsa Lominsa 60
Storming the Hull Limsa Lominsa 60
Cry Me a Liver Lower La Noscea 5
Moegramm Had a Little Lamb Lower La Noscea 5
Where the Heart Is (Mist) Lower La Noscea 5

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