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Chronicles of a New Era - Eden

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Title Area Level
In the Middle of Nowhere The Crystarium 80
Deploy the Core The Empty 80
One Fell Swoop The Core 80
Nor Any Drop to Drink The Core 80
Super Seismic The Empty 80
The Next Piece of the Puzzle The Empty 80
Away with the Faerie Amh Araeng 80
Blood and Thunder The Empty 80
Into the Firestorm The Empty 80
Heart of Darkness The Empty 80
On Thin Ice The Core 80
Life Finds a Way The Empty 80
Worlds Apart Amh Araeng 80
Empty Promise Amh Araeng 80
Fear of the Dark The Empty 80
Shadows of the Past The Empty 80
Voice of the Soul The Core 80
Where I Belong The Empty 80

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