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Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
Newfound Adventure The Rising Stones 90
Bountiful Ruins Revenant's Toll 90
Friends for the Road Thavnair 90
Alzadaal's Legacy Thavnair 90
A Brother's Grief Weaver's Warding 90
Sharing the Wealth Radz-at-Han 90
Bridging the Rift Radz-at-Han 90
Restricted Reading Old Sharlayan 90
Void Theory Thavnair 90
A Satrap's Duty Weaver's Warding 90
In Search of Azdaja Radz-at-Han 90
Shadowed Remnants Hydromantic Terraces 90
Where Everything Begins Carcere IV 90
Groping in the Dark Troia Keep 90
Nowhere to Run Zero's Domain 90
The Wind Rises Zero's Domain 90
Return from the Void Zero's Domain 90
A World with Light and Life Radz-at-Han 90
Buried Memory Radz-at-Han 90
Once More unto the Void Radz-at-Han 90
A Cold Reunion Radz-at-Han 90
Kindled Spirit Garlemald 90
An Unforeseen Bargain Garlemald 90
King of the Mountain Garlemald 90
A Dragon's Resolve Lapis Manalis 90
Paths Barred Garlemald 90
Desires Untold Thavnair 90
Gods Revel, Lands Tremble Thavnair 90
Currying Flavor Radz-at-Han 90
Going Haam Estinien's Chambers 90
Like Fear to Flame Old Sharlayan 90
The Fallen Empire Garlemald 90
Bonds of Trust Garlemald 90
Lunar Rendezvous Garlemald 90
The Red Side of the Moon Mare Lamentorum 90
Abyssal Dark The Red Moon 90
The Dark Throne Mare Lamentorum 90
Seeking the Light Radz-at-Han 90
Appealing to the Masses The Crystarium 90
In Defiance of Fate Eulmore 90
Back to Action The Crystarium 90
Down in the Dark The Red Moon 90
Reunited at Last The Red Moon 90
Growing Light Old Sharlayan 90
When One Door Closes... Radz-at-Han 90
The Game Is Afoot Old Sharlayan 90
The Coming Dawn Old Sharlayan 90

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