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Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
The Next Ship to Sail The Rising Stones 80
Old Sharlayan, New to You Old Sharlayan 80
Hitting the Books Old Sharlayan 80
A Seat at the Last Stand Old Sharlayan 80
A Labyrinthine Descent Old Sharlayan 80
Glorified Ratcatcher Labyrinthos 80
Deeper into the Maze Labyrinthos 80
The Medial Circuit Labyrinthos 80
The Full Report, Warts and All Labyrinthos 80
A Guide of Sorts Labyrinthos 80
Estate Visitor Old Sharlayan 80
For Thavnair Bound Old Sharlayan 80
On Low Tide Thavnair 80
A Fisherman's Friend Thavnair 80
House of Divinities Thavnair 80
The Great Work Thavnair 80
Shadowed Footsteps Thavnair 80
A Boy's Errand Thavnair 80
Tipping the Scale Thavnair 80
The Satrap of Radz-at-Han Thavnair 80
In the Dark of the Tower Old Sharlayan 81
The Jewel of Thavnair Thavnair 81
The Color of Joy Radz-at-Han 81
Sound the Bell, School's In Old Sharlayan 82
A Capital Idea Old Sharlayan 82
Best of the Best The Lochs 82
A Frosty Reception The Lochs 82
Tracks in the Snow Garlemald 82
How the Mighty Are Fallen Garlemald 82
At the End of the Trail Garlemald 82
A Way Forward Garlemald 82
The Last Bastion Garlemald 82
Personae non Gratae Garlemald 82
His Park Materials Garlemald 83
No Good Deed Garlemald 83
Alea Iacta Est Garlemald 83
Strange Bedfellows Garlemald 83
In from the Cold Garlemald 83
Gateway of the Gods Garlemald 83
A Trip to the Moon The Nethergate 83
Sea of Sorrow Mare Lamentorum 83
The Martyr Mare Lamentorum 83
In Shadow's Wake Mare Lamentorum 84
Helping Hands Mare Lamentorum 84
A Harey Situation Mare Lamentorum 84
A Taste of the Moon Mare Lamentorum 84
Styled a Hero Mare Lamentorum 84
All's Vale That Endsvale Mare Lamentorum 84
Back to Old Tricks Mare Lamentorum 84
Setting Things Straight Mare Lamentorum 84

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