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Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
The Syrcus Trench The Rising Stones 70
City of the First The Crystarium 70
Travelers of Norvrandt The Crystarium 70
In Search of Alphinaud The Ocular 70
A Still Tide Kholusia 70
Open Arms, Closed Gate Kholusia 70
A Fickle Existence Kholusia 70
City of Final Pleasures Kholusia 70
Free to Sightsee Eulmore 70
A Taste of Honey Eulmore 70
A Blessed Instrument Eulmore 70
Emergent Splendor Eulmore 70
In Search of Alisaie The Ocular 70
City of the Mord Amh Araeng 70
Working Off the Meal Amh Araeng 70
A Desert Crossing Amh Araeng 70
Following in Her Footprints Amh Araeng 70
Culling Their Ranks Amh Araeng 70
A Purchase of Fruit Amh Araeng 70
The Time Left to Us Amh Araeng 70
Tears on the Sand Amh Araeng 70
The Lightwardens The Ocular 71
Warrior of Darkness Lakeland 71
An Unwelcome Guest The Crystarium 72
The Crystarium's Resolve The Crystarium 72
Logistics of War The Crystarium 72
The Oracle of Light Lakeland 72
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom Il Mheg 72
Sul Uin's Request Il Mheg 72
Ys Iala's Errand Il Mheg 72
Oul Sigun's Plea Il Mheg 72
Unto the Truth Il Mheg 72
Courting Cooperation Il Mheg 72
The Key to the Castle Il Mheg 73
A Visit to the Nu Mou Il Mheg 73
A Fitting Payment Il Mheg 73
Spore Sweeper Il Mheg 73
The Lawless Ones Il Mheg 73
The Elder's Answer Il Mheg 73
A Resounding Roar Il Mheg 73
Memento of a Friend Il Mheg 73
Acht-la Ormh Inn Il Mheg 73
The Wheel Turns Il Mheg 73
A Party Soon Divided The Crystarium 74
A Little Faith Lakeland 74
Into the Dark Lakeland 74
A Day in the Neighborhood The Rak'tika Greatwood 74
A Helping Hand The Rak'tika Greatwood 74
Lost but Not Forgotten The Rak'tika Greatwood 74
Saying Good-bye The Rak'tika Greatwood 74

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