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Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
Arenvald's Adventure Rhalgr's Reach 70
The Darkness Below Rhalgr's Reach 70
The Mad King's Trove The Lochs 70
The Butcher's Blood The Lochs 70
Echoes of an Echo The Lochs 70
A Sultana's Strings The Lochs 70
A Sultana's Duty Ul'dah 70
A Sultana's Resolve The Gold Saucer 70
Securing the Saltery The Waking Sands 70
A Blissful Arrival The Lochs 70
Return of the Bull The Lochs 70
Tidings from the East Rhalgr's Reach 70
The Sword in the Store Kugane 70
Hope on the Waves Kugane 70
Elation and Trepidation The Ruby Sea 70
Storm on the Horizon Yanxia 70
His Forgotten Home The Doman Enclave 70
A Guilty Conscience Yanxia 70
Rise of a New Sun Kienkan 70
Gosetsu and Tsuyu Ruby Bazaar Offices 70
Gone Like the Morning Dew The Doman Enclave 70
Fruits of Her Labor Yanxia 70
Conscripts and Contingencies Kienkan 70
The Primary Agreement Kienkan 70
Under the Moonlight Kienkan 70
Emissary of the Dawn The Rising Stones 70
Sisterly Act The Rising Stones 70
Feel the Burn Kienkan 70
Shadows in the Empire The Doman Enclave 70
A Power in Slumber Kienkan 70
The Will of the Moon The Azim Steppe 70
The Call The Azim Steppe 70
Prelude in Violet The Lochs 70
Soul Searching The Rising Stones 70
A Defector's Tidings The Dravanian Hinterlands 70
Seiryu's Wall Kienkan 70
Parley on the Front Lines Kienkan 70
The Face of War Alliance Headquarters 70
A Brief Reprieve The Rising Stones 70
A Requiem for Heroes The Lochs 70

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