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Stormblood Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
Beyond the Great Wall The Rising Stones 60
Lyse Takes the Lead The Fringes 60
The Promise of a New Beginning Rhalgr's Reach 60
A Haven for the Bold Rhalgr's Reach 60
A Bargain Struck Rhalgr's Reach 60
A Friend of a Friend in Need Rhalgr's Reach 60
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered The Fringes 60
Best Served with Cold Steel The Fringes 60
Let Fill Your Hearts with Pride The Fringes 60
A Familiar Face Forgotten Rhalgr's Reach 60
The Prodigal Daughter The Peaks 60
Hard Country The Peaks 60
Death by a Thousand Rocks The Peaks 60
A Life More Ordinary The Peaks 60
The Color of Angry Qiqirn The Peaks 60
The Black Wolf's Pups The Peaks 60
Homeward Bound The Peaks 60
Where Men Go as One Rhalgr's Reach 60
Future Rust, Future Dust Rhalgr's Reach 60
A Dash of Green Rhalgr's Reach 60
Ye Wayward Brothers Rhalgr's Reach 60
Token of Faith Rhalgr's Reach 60
Crossing the Velodyna Rhalgr's Reach 61
In Crimson It Began The Fringes 61
The Fires Fade Rhalgr's Reach 61
Bereft of Hearth and Home Rhalgr's Reach 61
Divide and Conquer Rhalgr's Reach 61
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates The Fringes 61
Tales from the Far East Limsa Lominsa 61
Not without Incident Mor Dhona 61
The Man from Ul'dah Kugane 61
Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban Kugane 61
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito Kugane 61
A Good Samurai Is Hard to Find Kugane 61
It's Probably a Trap Kugane 61
Making the Catfish Sing Kugane 61
Once More, to the Ruby Sea Kugane 62
Open Water The Ruby Sea 62
Boys with Boats The Ruby Sea 62
To Bend with the Wind The Ruby Sea 62
Confederate Consternation The Ruby Sea 62
The Solace of the Sea The Ruby Sea 62
The Arrows of Misfortune The Ruby Sea 62
The Last Voyage The Ruby Sea 62
Alisaie's Stones The Ruby Sea 62
Under the Sea The Ruby Sea 62
Of Kojin and Kami The Ruby Sea 62
In Soroban We Trust The Ruby Sea 63
Forever and Ever Apart The Ruby Sea 63
In Darkness the Magatama Dreams The Ruby Sea 63

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