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Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests

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Title Area Level
The Price of Principles The Waking Sands 50
Moving On The Waking Sands 50
All Things in Time Eastern La Noscea 50
Laying the Foundation The Waking Sands 50
It's Possibly a Primal Mor Dhona 50
Hail to the King, Kupo Gridania 50
You Have Selected Regicide Gridania 50
On the Properties of Primals South Shroud 50
The Gifted The Waking Sands 50
Build on the Stone The Waking Sands 50
Still Waters The Rising Stones 50
A Final Temptation Western Thanalan 50
The Mother of Exiles Western Thanalan 50
Promises to Keep Ul'dah 50
Yugiri's Game Ul'dah 50
Why We Adventure Western Thanalan 50
All Due Respect Ul'dah 50
The Sea Rises The Rising Stones 50
Scouts in Distress Western La Noscea 50
The Gift of Eternity Western La Noscea 50
Into the Heart of the Whorl Western La Noscea 50
Lord of the Whorl Lower La Noscea 50
When Yugiri Met the Fraternity Limsa Lominsa 50
Through the Maelstrom Limsa Lominsa 50
The Great Divide The Rising Stones 50
Desperate Times Ul'dah 50
Shock and Awe Central Thanalan 50
Reap the Whirlwind Central Thanalan 50
Revolution Ul'dah 50
Stories We Tell Ul'dah 50
Lord of Levin The Rising Stones 50
Levin an Impression East Shroud 50
What Little Gods Are Made Of East Shroud 50
Guardian of Eorzea The Rising Stones 50
Recruiting the Realm The Rising Stones 50
Heretical Harassment The Rising Stones 50
When the Cold Sets In Coerthas Central Highlands 50
Brave New Companions Mor Dhona 50
Traitor in the Midst The Rising Stones 50
Back and Fourth Ul'dah 50
Coming to Terms The Rising Stones 50
The Intercession of Saints Coerthas Central Highlands 50
Strength in Unity Coerthas Central Highlands 50
Dark Words, Dark Deeds Coerthas Central Highlands 50
First Blood Coerthas Central Highlands 50
The Path of the Righteous Coerthas Central Highlands 50
For the Greater Good Coerthas Central Highlands 50
Tendrils of Intrigue Coerthas Central Highlands 50
Chasing Ivy Gridania 50
In Flagrante Delicto Gridania 50

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