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Lunar New Year event

My Friend send some screenshots of Lunar New Year event in China server, where u can see Chinese lanterns, fireworks, the legendary monster "Xi" and a baby panda minion.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeas bring it to global server Yoshida, at least the panda <3
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Scarlett Grey

Jenova [Aether]

Hmm! I wasnt aware that there was China only server! Thats interesting! Id love for them t bring the event global wide, the panda is so cute!!

This comment has been deleted.

Spoony Edward

Siren [Aether]

That's pretty cool. But, they don't get Gold Saucer in 2.51, right? Let them have something that's their own, I say.

Sanran Tsakhilgaan

Balmung [Crystal]

This looks awesome :)

Vaella Arnaeros

Mateus [Crystal]

that looks cool, hope they bring this to the global servers :o

Rhaz Laevateinn

Tonberry [Elemental]

Atleast we have Nana Bear here xD
I love the decoration ! The lantern and stuff :D

Vergiliaux Renata

Excalibur [Primal]

Instantly jealous. Xi and those decorations are so gorgeous!

Captain Sparkle

Lich [Light]

SQUARE, I know you're reading this... BRING IT TO THE EU SERVERS THIS INTANCE!

Vladislav Bahamut

Balmung [Crystal]

Bring it to me !



This character has been deleted.

How many people are on that server?



This character has been deleted.

The panda minion is adorable! XD

Raine Saga

Tonberry [Elemental]

Wow yearbeast

Meteor Ardbert

Balmung [Crystal]

Needs a video. I'd like to see a player here walk around and give us a tour.

Momeki Odgerel

Hyperion [Primal]

D: jealous! I would like an adorable panda too! and china is not the only one who celebrates the Lunar new year ;(

Cirra Maru

Famfrit [Primal]

Looks so good ^^ would like to see something like this for the rest of the servers too hopefully!

Rex Xylon

Hyperion [Primal]

Wow is that server vacant...

Altered Juice

Behemoth [Primal]

for a sec it looked like that china server was a graveyard lol

Rillas Lomelinde

Omega [Chaos]

It looks so awesome! Would love to have it on our servers!!! <3

Fonou Nomura

Sargatanas [Aether]

That's really a shame that they don't bring it on other servers. I would have love celebrating it too!
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