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Dear Elitist Jerks.

God I hate you.

Every day I see shouts in the game about "GARUDA HM: BUT YOU'D BETTER HAVE FULL DL AND AF+1 OR ELSE YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ATTENTION!" do you even begin to realise just how revoltingly rude that is?

or in a pug party, someone takes one look at the memberlist and just leaves cause someone's gear isn't deemed 'good enough'? love those guys...

I don't care that you might argue 'But Sini, after doing the same run a bajillion times with people who aren't properly geared we get fed up' you still come across as rude b*stards. And honestly; I'm my head that means your an ex-wow player. In that case; f*ck off back there, or all ex-wow'ers can make their own server and be rude aholes too eachother there.

Don't come and ruin the game I love with your shitty attitude towards people who play this game for the love of it, for fun and for the plot. At some point; you were just as poorly geared as those you sneer upon now, so if you wont help others get better gear and dungeon/bossfight experience, how do you expect them to get better at anything. It's like scolding a 3 month old baby for not beeing able to walk!

*let the flaming begin*
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J'lamahni Batih

Goblin [Crystal]

Im an exWoW player and do not treat players that way based on their gear. In fact I completely agree with you that the elitists asses need to jump off a cliff. People from any game can be assholes, not just WoW

Ranilia Ramsus

Sargatanas [Aether]

Gear doesn't mean anything, it all comes down to skill.
Why do you need AF+1 for Garuda anyway?
If it's Titan then I understand you need more HP to withstand Tumult post-heart phase, but even then it comes down to dodging skill over your gears.
Not to mention some people bought their relic or even account.
I don't care how good the gears are, if they can only brute-force through things, they still lack skills necessary for Titan or Coil.

This comment has been deleted.

Sinsiew Dragonhunter

Louisoix [Chaos]

Ranilia: Garuda was just an example, but just like you say "it all comes down to skill." how are people ever gonna get that, if others just invite, look at their gear then leave the party? It hasn't happened to me, but I've seen it happen more then once and it annoys me that people can be such douchebags.

Judge Artema

Ragnarok [Chaos]

Yup, welcome to the Final Fantasy XIV community,people said in 1.0 that 2.0 it would be filled with retards like the ones you mention, and they were right.
Sometimes i think i'm on of the VERY few players with DL set+relic that does not behave like a 13 year old.

This comment has been deleted.

Sinsiew Dragonhunter

Louisoix [Chaos]

in that case; bless you for it Sir, your a star! I dunno, I am still hoping against all odds that things will change, alltho that is probably naive of me. I want the nice FF community back. Like in FFXI: if you were in a party and had to leave, you found your own replacement and waited until he got there. not just leave in the middle of one without even a 'bye' like it seems to be now -_-

Falleritho Shenesde

Sargatanas [Aether]

This is actually my only complaint about FFXIV 2.0. In other MMOs that I played the community as a whole has their never been this much discrimination based on gear. Yes those kind of players existed but I have been in parties were as soon as the littlest thing goes wrong they make a huge fight about it, insult half the people and then leave suddenly. It makes it extremely difficult to do anything.
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